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Pre-Check will be changing our Disclosure (Applicant Release) for background checks. 
The reason for going to two releases (a federal Disclosure and a State Disclosure) is to help reduce the threat of serial plaintiffs for suing your organization due to an outdated Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  According to Lexus Nexus, between August 2016 and August 2017 there were 4080 FCRA claims.  400 of them, according to the Best Practices Committee of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners pertain to job seekers suing employers for real or perceived violations.  Part of our role here at Pre-Check is to do our best to keep you informed and provide solutions to help you stay compliant, and avoid Professional Plaintiffs. 

The Disclosures are provided to you as samples and we request that you submit them to your legal counsel for their approval.  Let us know, if you wish to have the documents modified in any way.  We will be happy to modify these documents. 

CLICK HERE FOR THE SAMPLE STATE SPECIFIC RELEASE:   State specific disclosure form 12-05-2017.pdf
CLICK HERE FOR THE SAMPLE FEDERAL SPECIFIC RELEASE:   Federal Disclosure For Background Investigation 12-2017.pdf
SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS 2017Summary_your-rights-under-fcra-2017.pdf

In order to reduce the risk of litigation, Pre-Check will supply County and State of residence rather than the Street and City address on criminal and credit reports.

The  I-9 form can be found at: i-9-paper-version

If you are emailing in your new background check request, please send 

If you need a drug test or E-Verify check please contact

Our fax numbers are 440-348-5441 and 440-348-5440. 
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