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For 15 years Pre-Check has been putting customers first by constantly striving to conduct business as though we were looking through the eyes of our customers, providing quality reports through the most up to date technology that will actually help you “make hiring decisions” while providing easy, secure access to information.

We constantly review our processes for best practice solutions that will maintain safeguards and improve our service. As a result, Pre-Check provides a wide variety of pre-employment options to suit just about every employer.

We take today's concerns for safety and security—of lives and information—seriously. We have addressed privacy issues with Secure Socket Layer technology, so that you can sign in and retrieve your applicant's report, but no one else can—keeping your potential employees’ information completely private while giving you the information you need to make wise hiring decisions. The status of your reports is regularly updated in the system so you can see the progress as it occurs.

There is no magic that can guarantee safety in the workplace, but background checks that look for criminal history and unusual, “red flag” behavior (such as sudden changes in behavior or dress, co-worker complaints, recent embarrassment, depression, major fluctuations in quality of work, obvious defensiveness, supervisor intensive needs, drastic changes in personal hygiene and erratic emotional behavior) in prospective employees are key to making sure that you and your firm are safe both from injury and from accusations of negligent hiring practices.

Please take a look at our sample reports, available on the "Getting Started" page linked at the top, to see the types of information we can find for you. A retail list of our prices is also available, but please contact us at any time for a personalized quote.


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